Managed Wi-Fi

BYOD, hot desking and remote working is gaining popularity and your employees will most likely connect to your network via Wi-Fi. However, without expert deployment and management it can be a frustrating experience for both you and your staff.

So how can you deliver fast, secure and flexible networking that will boost productivity and enable your employees to work the way they want.

InfoTech provides a full managed solution to ensure that you receive the very best service possible and that your investment into Wi-Fi connectivity not sure what you mean seems incomplete. A managed WIFI solution with InfoTech means that from design to install and beyond you get access to our world class expertise.

Our Managed Wi-Fi We provide vendor options for in-building and perimeter Wi-Fi connectivity, including site audit and supply, and installation and maintenance services.

Fast Deployment

We ship APs and switches to remote sites where a non-technical person can simply unpack and power up

Wireless Intrusion Protection System

keeps out rogue APs, clients, and other devices that can potentially harm your network and provides information for compliance reporting

Sophisticated Security

Protects internal assets, isolates sensitive traffic from the rest of the network, includes secure guest access, and performs real-time remediation

Cloud Managed

APs and switches benefit from centralised maintenance and management


  • Scalable wireless solutions to provide stability and reliability
  • Allows separate of guest access from the corporate LAN
  • Increases coverage and connection flexibility for mobile workers, especially where multi-site offices do not share the same LAN credentials
  • Vendor supported maintenance options
  • Site survey offering optimum coverage for best value
  • Make rapid changes across the Wi-Fi network and provisioning of new devices
  • Managed Wi-Fi services offer addition security options including encryption, centralised authentication, tracking of users and devices and intrusion detection
All Your IT Needs: Comprehensively Covered

Management, support and 24×7 monitoring

Add-on Services