Hosted IP Telephony

We offer a hosted, cloud-based PBX solution delivering voice with advanced features. Our cloud telephony is perfect for business use, offering cost-effective and feature rich phone systems without the need for high upfront cost.

Cloud-based communications solutions offer obvious benefits over traditional on-premises PBX systems, including peace of mind, unsurpassed scalability, and overall cost effectiveness. But while cloud technologies can drastically reduce management and implementation complexity, the transition from legacy PBX solutions to cloud-based solutions can still involve unforeseen complications and challenges. The secret to a successful deployment is a well planned implementation aligned with the organization’s business requirements, objectives, and outcomes.

This coupled with cheaper call costs, ensures our cloud telephony is a worthwhile investment. Cloud telephony offers ease of management and can be flexed easily as your requirements change. Systems can be deployed rapidly and tailored to the independent needs of your business; whether that be a simplistic telephone system or a complex, call centre deployment, we can help to align your communications with your strategy.

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No Physical Hardware

Having your telephony hosted in the cloud means no physical maintenance issues related to an on-premise PBX. It means an easy to manage system which is often provided as a fully supported service should you need extra resources

Be Ready to Grow Your Business

Hosted systems work on a pay per licence basis. This means scaling up your operations is as simple as purchasing new licences

Be Prepared for Disaster

With Hosted solutions, you are protected in the event of a disaster. Calls can be redirected to any location or device as long as you have access to the internet

Move from Cap-ex to Op-ex

With Hosted, the initial expenditure is limited as there is little hardware to invest in, especially when it comes to a PBX, which is no longer needed. Ongoing costs can easily be planned for due to the pay per licence nature of the solution

Unified Communications

A main driver for embracing Hosted Telephony is that it is a perfect enabler of Unified Communications, meaning you can combine several different forms of communications such as data, voice and video, across multiple devices and get them to work in unity as a single solution


  • Of all the benefits of a hosted phone system, ease of use has to be a good reason to make the transition. The features of a cloud-based phone system are extremely intuitive and easy to operate. You can even dial a number without having to press any numbers — or even touch the phone.
  • With a single cloud platform supporting thousands of business customers in the UK and around the world, hosted PBX platform is designed to provide the highest degree of reliability and stability.
  • Cloud-based telephony brings an abundance of features that provide your organisation with an arsenal of tools to increase efficiency.
  • Your service provider is responsible for the hardware, the software and any upgrades your system requires. In other words, you won’t need to employ or hire an IT technician to look after your phone system.
  • One of the foremost benefits of a hosted phone system is cost. A hosted phone line can be less than half the cost of a traditional phone line and call costs are reduced. Therefore, if you’re looking for a professional phone system without expensive equipment and setup charges, a hosted PBX is an ideal solution.
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