Cybersecurity Assessment

A complete technology assessment is an essential part of InfoTech’s Cybersecurity plan and procedures, ensuring that the system is regularly tested for vulnerabilities. 

Putting cybersecurity measures in place without understanding or testing their efficacy immediately undermines the strength of your security. Cybersecurity assessment analyses each level of the system, response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies and more. 

This comprehensive analysis and resulting response create cybersecurity protocols that evolve to meet threats. Security gaps in the system can be identified and filled with proper training, software patches or network reorganisation. Simultaneously, a response strategy can be put in place to reduce the effect of an attack or system breach.

Also, to create an effective security system, it must be tested, analysed and altered, where needed, as situations change and new risks arise. InfoTech’s Cybersecurity assessment services analyse and redress the causes and risk factors of known and unknown security gaps in your organisation.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Our Advanced Endpoint protection uses innovative technology to offer superior protection
against the most advanced attacks on whichever endpoint.

Identified Vulnerabilities

Our assessment will throw a spotlight on the weaknesses and associated risks within your organisation.

Informed Investment Decisions

By understanding the inherent Cyber risks you are exposed to, investment can be done in an informed and deliberate manner rather than in an ad-hoc manner.

Cyber Maturity

Being able to prepare the business to identify, respond and remediate against cyber threats will increase the maturity of the organisation significantly.

Focused Action

Effective collaboration doesn’t need to stop when team members are away from the office. Based in the cloud, Teams can be accessed from any device in any location. And with the high levels of security that we have come to expect from Microsoft products, you can rest assured that your communications are protected

Respond Rapidly to Cyber Attacks

providing your business with containment, remediation and recovery excellence.

Cultural Change

Cultural change is hard to achieve, but cost-effective to deliver. Findings from our Cyber Assessments can contribute to cultural change towards being Security conscious.


  • It helps you identify vulnerabilities. With Cybersecurity risk assessment, you can see which parts of your security measures are relatively weak.
  • Using this information, you can immediately attend to the high-impact, high-probability risks, and then work your way down to the threats that are less likely and would cause less damage
  • You can see how efficient your security controls are and how you can upgrade them.
  • You can take preventive measures in order to increase the effectiveness of your security controls.
  • It lets you see if your organisation meets industry related compliances.
  • You can develop strategy and budgets for future business plans and objectives.
  • Regular Cybersecurity assessment can help your orginasation eliminate unnecessary security spending. Estimating risk accurately enables you to balance costs against benefits.
Know where to focus your security investments

To get the actionable recommendations to improve security using the best practices and the best technology available .

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